Thanks to all who have visited my website since it first appeared on the net in  1995, but its time to draw the curtain closed.

From my humble beginnings in Drag in Newcastle and Sydney NSW in 1986, then performing in Joannies Follies in Brisbane from Aug 1993 to April 1994,

moving on to Dial A Drag Queen doing private parties which I closed in 2000.

My foray into TV was when my dear friend Lucy Lockjaw invited me onto her show "The Lucy Lockjaw Show" as an extra in April 1996 in episode 13,

through to January 1997 when she decided to move on, leaving me to either give it away or resurrect the show in my own name till its demise in March 2004 369 episodes later

My first website appeared on the net at this poor old address in 1997 but of course Geocities is no more,

I bought my own domain in 1998 in 1998.  My first email address was bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were 369 episodes of Tamara Tonite produced and broadcast on Briz 31, at the time it was the longest running privately made show on

Community Television in Australia, it may still be that.

I also produced 26 episodes of The Beastly Beauties  you can still

download the episodes of that at that show at that link. These were also broadcast in Melbourne.

During my time I also ran for Lord Mayor of Brisbane in 2000 and in Local Govt in the seat of Brisbane Central.

After The Beastly Beauties I never worked as a Drag Queen again, and now dont even own so much as high heel or a tube of lipstick. 

 I never actually finished this site to my liking, so deconstructed it to a point. 

Videos that used to be on the websites of Tamara's Kitchen, Burls Kitchen, Down on Lucies Farm, and all the drag numbers that

used to be on the show can be found here Tamaras Video

Copies of my show are stored at the Australian National Film and Sound Archives.

Thanks to everyone who helped it all to happen, it was fun.


Tamara Tonite.